What Do Men Think About Your Hair? – This may make you cry!

Have you ever wondered what guys really think of your hair?

Maybe your thinning hair has made you a little insecure (totally understandable!!)

Or you might worry that your current relationship could be affected by the way your hair looks.

I think we’ve all thought this at some point in our hair loss/regrowth journey, and so I thought it would be good to hear men weigh in on this issue.

I turned to Reddit.com for some answers on this, and found a thread from a 25 year old girl posed in the AskMen section. This girl was worried about her hair, and wanted to know if a man would leave a relationship with her because of it.

Some of these responses made me cry – IN A GOOD WAY!

I couldn’t fit all of these on one page, but here are a few:


Uechi_Shodan says:

“At the very most having very thin hair may affect my initial attraction slightly, and i do mean slightly.”

incorrigible-flirt says:

“1. Deal breaker? No way. It might take some getting used to because it’s uncommon.

But it takes a bigger issue to be a deal breaker.

2. Wigs, etc? Sure if that makes you feel better. Embracing the baldness would also be OK too. Lt. Ilia from Star Trek was sexy as hell, in part, because she was bald.”

vorpalblab says:

“I have one [a girlfriend, I presume]. Full blown thin hair blond.

I don’t care. It is not about the hair. If you want hair, go to the musical.

If you want a whole woman, take the package is what I say. No mods are needed for me.

Especially if it is for me and I don’t see a problem with the way it already looks.

BTW if he [a romantic partner] is ashamed/dislikes to be seen with a hair challenged woman? That = terminally shallow IMHO.”

FuckedAsBored says:

“Sit down and list 25 things you love about yourself. Honestly, forget about your hair. Be a strong and confident woman for things you love about yourself. If I was dating a woman that I was crazy about, it wouldn’t matter if she had a mullet, if her personality was what I wanted, I’d be all in. If a guy is in a relationship with you, it has nothing to do with your hair. You may care about it, but he cares about you and who you are.”

chaveznieves says:

“i obviously can only speak for myself, but it doesn’t really matter. some things you can change, some things you can’t. if you are confident, have your own sense of personality and style, and you can just own it, that’ll make way more of an impression than a few bum follicles. an worst comes to worst if it really is a personal issue for you wear a wig.”

ElBrad says:

“Step 1, cut your hair short. You can do this and maintain a stylish ‘do.

Step 2, if you’re really worried, try a wig. A friend of my wife has thinning hair…really thinning hair, and I’ve seen her with a wig. She went from a 4 to a 7 with just the hairpiece.

Step 3, The less fucks you give, the happier you will be. It’s true. Go see a doc, just to get a diagnosis of what the problem is…and then OWN IT. It’s your head, and it will look as good as you believe it does. Confidence is amazing, and women with confidence are stupidly sexy.”

And my favorite:

Clob says:

“For all I care you could be bald. If you’re awesome, I don’t care what your hair or lack of hair is like. Just be awesome!”

Source: Reddit

These may not represent the viewpoints of the entire male population, but it helps to know that your hair isn’t everything to every guy.

And if you can love yourself, despite disliking the way your hair currently looks, you will enjoy the journey to hair regrowth and health a lot more. And you’ll also shine and be more attractive to men. Or to your guy.

So don’t sell yourself short. Don’t shy away from romance or any of the other experiences you want out of your one life just because of lost hair.

Now go forth, be awesome, and believe in your beauty.


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