Resources for Healthy Hair

Here are some of the sources I trust the most because of their well-researched, thought-provoking, paradigm-breaking information on the things I care about when it comes to my health – namely hair, metabolic health, fertility, and fitness. Check them out, and you’ll find inspiration and hope 🙂

Recommended Reading

From PMS to Menopause: Hormones in Context
By Raymond Peat, PhD. Find the book here

Stop the Thyroid Madness
By Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed. Find the book here

Hair Like a Fox: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss
By Danny Roddy. Find the book here

The Stress of Life
By Hans Selye. Find the book here

Diet Recovery 02
By Matt Stone. Find the book here

Beautiful Inside and Out: Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, ‘Thyroid Sexy’ Life
By Gena Lee Nolin and Mary Shomon. Find it here

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause
By Izabella Wentz PharmD and Marta Nowosadzka MD. Find it here

Anxiety Free: Stop worrying and quieten your mind- Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Mindfulness
By Patrick McKeown. Find the book here

Helpful Websites

This is the website for Ray Peat, PhD, a thyroid pioneer an anti-aging endocrine artist who has been studying thyroid and hormonal health for decades. Here he has posted a huge library of articles shedding light on the workings of our bodies as systems. While there, be sure to check out his articles on thyroid, progesterone, PUFA, and light.

This thyroid information website was started by Janie Bowthorpe in 2005, with intent to educate people about their thyroid health, helping them demand higher standards of care from their doctors, and to get adequate treatment for their thyroid-related health issues. From Stop the Thyroid Madness web page:

“This site is dedicated to the MILLIONS of thyroid patients all over the world, struggling to feel better…to live again…in the face of a well-meaning but ignorant medical treatment with T4 meds which keeps us all sick in our own unique degrees, whether right now, or as we age. It is also dedicated to one gal who called herself Miserable Mom, and got lousy, lousy advice by a doctor.”

This site is chock full of helpful information that can answer a great majority of healthy questions related to thyroid. This is important, because your thyroid gland is all important when it comes to your hair’s health.

This is a website by Danny Roddy who is one of the few people I’ve seen write intelligent content regarding hair loss in the context of whole body health. Although he focuses on hair loss in men, I have been able to apply what I’ve learned about energy and thyroid health from some of his easy-to-read information. He also offers personal health coaching centered on hair regrowth.

This is the internet home of Matt Stone, who is a researcher of metabolic health. His writing style is un-conventional, and just slightly crass as he uncovers eye-opening facts about metabolism that we have gotten used to shutting out in favor of “health” dogma. When you read it, it makes so much sense. After almost 2 years on the paleo diet, I decided to try out his tips for metabolism back in October. I put back on some of the weight that I had been trying to lose, but I also found myself feeling better, and having more of an hourglass shape that even others could see (so my body fat basically redistributed itself to more feminine places). This body fat distribution is often correlated with healthy hormones in women.

Stefani Ruper is a woman’s hormone specialist who has herself overcome PCOS. Her site is replete with information for women who are interested in eating a more sane, feedback-based version of the paleo diet and gaining better health. In her book, PCOS Unlocked, she goes deep into an explanation of PCOS, the different types of PCOS, and how to beat it for good. The book is available for purchase here.

Leigh Peele, the author of the book, StarveMode, writes in a clear and concise way about losing excess fat. Her work is wonderfully informative and so helpful, as it presents no fad diet propaganda. She shows you exactly how and when to eat in order to spare your metabolism while losing dangerous body fat. If that’s a concern of yours, reading her book can help you immensely. You can purchase StarveMode here.