What is this website about?

Myself and this site are here to help women who have any degree of hair loss. The blog articles are designed to give bite-sized, easily understood information that can help you get closer to your ultimate goal of full hair regrowth.

Where do I start?

My blog is written in such a way that you can start reading it at any point. It includes my personal experience with the ups and downs of natural hair restoration (i.e., what actually causes lost hair to regrow, and the factors that can affect this process).

What are the weird-looking links to other websites that are scattered through your resource page?

There are a few different types of links that you’ll find on this site. Some are internal hyperlinks that simply help you navigate within my website.

You’ll also find a few small links, usually listed after products or book names. These will usually be external links that just show you the location of various useful resources.

Some of these external links are affiliate links. Which are special links that take you to products or services pages offered by different vendors that have helped me restore my health and hair.

If you go to a website that I via an affiliate link, they will give me a small commission for anything that you choose to purchase while on their site (at no extra cost to you). So please keep that in mind if you want to support me and my work.