Does Dieting Destroy Your Hair?

Could going on a special diet help you re-grow your lost hair?

There is evidence that certain diets can actually make hair loss

There are 2 (major) problems with most restrictive “diets” that
spell hell for your hair:

  1. Cutting out foods that provide the best sources of protein,
    fat, cholesterol, or carbohydrate can leave a woman lacking in key
    nutrients that build hormones and support health.

    Vegan and vegetarian diets often cause followers to become deficient
    in iron, protein, and cholesterol from animal sources (cholesterol is
    necessary to make certain hormones).

    And the protein that comes from dairy, meat, and gelatin is more
    easily used by the body than vegan/vegetarian sources such as
    beans and soy.

    Diets which restrict carbohydrates can also decrease the conversion
    of thyroid hormone into its active form.
  2. Chronic calorie restriction increases stress hormones, and
    can lower the rate at which your body regenerates itself.

    A very low calorie diet can cause a person to have high levels
    of the stress hormone cortisol, which serves to created sugar
    for energy production from your existing tissues. While this does burn
    fat, but it can also eat away at your muscles, skin, and hair
    tissues. And cortisol is also known for reducing the amount
    of T3 (active thyroid hormone) in the body.

    Low calorie dieters usually do not get enough nutrition from their
    food, which can lead to serious deficiencies that can’t be solved
    with vitamins or supplements.

    Restricting calories long term causes a lowered body temperature,
    which causes your body’s enzymes to be less functional, as they like to
    operate around the 98.6 core temperature.

    Additionally, evidence shows that when restrictive diets are
    attempted long-term, they inevitably lead to addictive
    behavior and usually more weight gain.

This is not to say,”Don’t work to lose weight” because being overweight
definitely contributes to problems of hormonal imbalance and inflammation.
And these problems won’t be fully corrected until a person has achieved an
optimal body composition.

But there is a way to achieve this that is more friendly to your
hair. You just have to ditch the dieting trap, relax, and eat in
a sane way.

“I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book.
I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.”
-Dolly Parton

Live radiantly,

Olivia Carina

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