How RoR Will Help You Gain Health, Beauty and Vitality

If you are experiencing the devastating affects of hair loss, you are not alone. This is an extremely stressful problem that can disrupt your entire life and wreck your self image.

But what can you do to stop or reverse it?

Roots of Radiance is dedicated to providing accurate answers to many of your questions such as…

  • Why is hair loss happening to me?
  • Is a vitamin deficiency causing me to shed hair?
  • Will it ever stop?
  • Will I go completely bald?
  • My hair loss started when I started/stopped birth control…WTF?
  • How do I know if my hormones are balanced?
  • How can I have a normal life?

I’ve searched forums, read books, and seen a lot of GARBAGE answers to the above questions. It’s time that another woman helps you clear them up.

There are two ways to deal with hair loss successfully:

1. Determine why your head is getting rid of its hair. Do EVERYTHING in your power to regrow it until you find success and don’t stop trying until you succeed. But try the smart way.

2. Cope. This can mean you either embrace the way your hair is, but strive to be healthy and vivacious in every other way. Or you wear a wig, hair piece, or style your hair in ways that make you feel beautiful.

Actually, I’ve found the best way to reverse the most hair loss problems involves a combination of both tangible lifestyle, diet, and medical changes – plus therapeutic emotional work to help you overcome stress. Almost every cause of female hair loss can be corrected with things you can do on your own.

When you discover what imbalance is causing you to shed, you can take action to slow it down, and most likely reverse it.

This site is concerned with determining solutions that will work for every woman.

About Me:

Call me Olivia.

I am NOT a “hair loss expert.” At least, I’m not an expert on anyone else’s hair loss but my own.

Who I AM: Researcher, data collector and open-minded problem-solver.

I come from a family where most of the women lose their hair. Some have had severe health issues such as autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes, and anxiety, and fertility issues. My grandmother’s uterus disintegrated in the hands of the doctor who delivered her last child. My mother had to have part of her uterus removed. A few years ago, my doctor told me that I probably had PCOS and may become infertile.

I figured there must be a connection. The fact that all of us have some sort of hair loss along with these crazy health problems.

My own hair loss battle began when I was 19 in 2005, and has been helped by the types of treatments that I discuss on this site.

I like to think of this as a battle. The only way out is to win.

Thank you for being here, I hope this site helps you!