5 Signs of a Worthless Hair Loss Product

If you are losing your hair and are anything like me,

You’ve probably spent way too much time seeking a cure online…

Looking for that magic pill or potion that promises to put the hair loss nightmare to bed once and for all!

It’s normal to want that at first…

Until, of course, we realize that nothing works as well as it says.

Now, it’s important to know that just because the false products promoted as “solutions/cures” don’t work, this does NOT mean that your hair loss is irreversible – we’ll talk more about that in a second…

But before you do what I first did and go on a product-buying frenzy, I want to share 5 powerful clues that will spare you time, stress, and money buying products that won’t do anything for your hair.

Clues That a Product May Be Worthless:

1. The sellers use a stock photo that is all over the internet as “proof” that their product works.

To test this for yourself, open up the seller’s web page, then open up a new tab and copy and paste this link into it:


To test out whether a photo really belongs to the seller, click on the image and drag it into the center of the page found at the link above. Hit the “search” button, and this will show you all instances of that image used on line.

If you find that same photo is used multiple times, it doesn’t really represent the effectiveness of any one product, does it?

2. The sellers of the products that claim to fix hair loss have no before and after pictures of themselves or real customers to prove that their product or method works.

There are a few exceptions to this, that I will say though…

a) Since hair loss is such a tough and embarrassing problem for us to deal with, it makes sense that people probably wouldn’t have taken a picture of their balding scalp – just because it’s uncomfortable and they don’t want to broadcast it to the world while it’s ongoing.*

b) Sometimes people can still offer good advice on hair growth, even if they haven’t fixed their own… just like how a surgeon who smokes and drinks knows to advise you on healthy diet guidelines… or how an overweight fireman can still carry you out of a burning house and give you CPR.

Moving on…

3. The two “comparison” pictures on the seller’s web page are obviously of two different people. Pay attention to the shape of the person’s hair line.

In the majority (not all, but the majority) of women’s hair loss cases, the hair line will stay in tact and maintain its shape. Even with hair growth and loss, our hair lines are likely to keep basically the same shape.

4. Check and make sure the person pictured is parting their hair in the same spot and hair is styled exactly the same in both pictures.

I have to both laugh and sigh at these companies who show a deeper side part in the hair as “proof” that their hair growth product works.

Because on the one hand, it disrespects our intelligence and observation skills. On the other hand, the seller knows we are often willing to overlook these flaws if they just promise, even guarantee, to make this terrible problem go away.

5. Lastly, if you buy a book from, and join the email newsletter of someone who says that they “cured” their hair loss, and then they slip up and accidentally send an email from their REAL email address. And you click on it and find out that they are a bald man who is just a marketer trying to make some money…

Well then it’s a bad day for both yourself and the poor guy. (I did unsubscribe myself from his newsletter).

So if you don’t want to get conned into wasting time on a product that won’t work (or that may make the problem worse), make sure you run it through the wringer above. Chances are it won’t come out clean.

There is still hope for our hair, though.

As I mentioned above, the fact that no one has been able to invent and patent an effective “cure” for hair loss, doesn’t mean the problem can’t be overcome.

When you think of it, hair loss isn’t caused by a deficiency of minty shampoos, runny and smelly topicals, or East Asian herbs.

You don’t need to “replace” these things – because they were never the real problem to begin with!

When the right conditions happen in your body, and you clear away the systemic and environmental factors that cause hair loss, hair loss stops very quickly, and you can start to see re-growth within a couple months.

But you’ve gotta do it from the ground up.

Making your whole body healthy is absolutely the only way to get your hair to grow again on its own.

This has been true in my personal experience, and I’m currently working on this again as I didn’t “get it” until recently.

Fixing this problem for myself, giving hope to the women in my family, and being able to help other women with hair loss is my biggest health goal for 2015. So I thought I would start the year out right by getting some expert opinions on how to do it, from people who had accomplished it for themselves and for their clients.

Want to see how 11 experts might be able to help you? It just might snap some pieces of this hair growth puzzle into place for your hair. You can discover what it’s about here.

*Since my hair loss has been up and down, as I’m sure yours has too, I want to give an honest picture of what my hair looks like TODAY. This year, I’m going to be using my new-found knowledge to see if I can really regrow my hair. And so you can see this happen in REAL TIME. And I’m confident in doing that because I truly believe that female hair loss can be overcome, especially with the help of the experts in the Women’s Hair Growth Sessions.

You can take a look here to follow my hair growth journey page.

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